Hey, I’m Andrey Chursov.

Welcome to my blog! 👋

If you Google my name, you’ll likely see that I am an executive in a biotech/techbio startup, an investor in a VC fund, and a scientist actively publishing my research results. In this blog, I will post my thoughts on various topics covering innovations in biology, technology, medicine, engineering, and AI, the art of biotech entrepreneurship, and personal philosophy on life in general.

Many years of working in biotechnology and drug development taught me a lot about biology, health, and the human body. As a result, I love to share my knowledge about aging, physical health, mental health, and how to live longer and happier lives on Instagram and X.

X: @AgingBiohacker | IG: @AgingBiohacker

I am also a big fan of Melodic Techno and Progressive House music, so I DJ (aka Andre Sontz) in my spare time. I can play a live set at your event (birthday, housewarming party, or just Friday night ;)) You also can find my mixes on SoundCloud/YouTube and follow my music alter-ego.

X: @AndreSontz | IG: @AndreSontz | SoundCloud

Regarding my professional (biotech/VC/startups) activities and personal story, feel free to connect with me here:

LI: @achursov | FB: @achursov | X: @achursov | IG: @achursov | YouTube | Google Scholar